Suresh Babu hints about RRR movie digital Release in future?

Producer Suresh Babu hints about RRR movie digital Release?

Suresh Babu in a recent interview has hinted on the digital release of RRR movie. The situation surrounding the pandemic does not look to get better anytime and the wait for movie makers seems to prolong every day. Many have already started the release of their movies in OTT platforms due to the uncertainty pf the situation. So when Suresh Babu spoke about Krishna and his Leela movie produced by him, he also spoke how the movie will soon be available in ‘Aha’ digital platform.

Since Aha is a new digital platform, there is very less content and Allu Aravind has requested Suresh to stream his moboe in Aha. On a friendly note, the producer has accepted for this and the movie will stream very soon in Aha too. But the producer has revealed that he is hesitant in releasing movies through OTT platform for varied reasons. One being the fact that there is no proper measure to speak about the success of the movie. If the movie garners huge views, then we could call it a decent success in the language of digital platforms.

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He also spoke about RRR and told a digital release of such humongous movie can be done by making people pay 500 rupees for a single watch. He said it is a Rajamouli’s movie and fans will be ready to pay that amount. But the same cannot be told for every other movie was his end statement.